Trump has called on Bar to ‘act’ against Biden ahead of the election

Trump has called on Bar to ‘act’ against Biden ahead of the election

The rally in Greece was another attempt to strengthen support in a state that was key to the president’s victory in 2016, but he fought in the elections against Mr Biden.

Mr. Trump has overturned the energy policies of his democratic opponent, Mr. Biden reiterated the false claim that he supports a total ban on breaking, a key industry in the state.

Mr. In saying that Trump was at the forefront of his campaign rallies, he read a collection of several clips on the big video screens, in which Mr. Fiden and his running partner, Senator Kamala Harris of California, talked about emitting fossil fuels to combat climate change.

“If Biden is elected, he will destroy your energy sector,” the president said.

Mr. Mr. Trump, Corona virus. Making false claims about Biden’s position, his opponent said he would “delay treatment, postpone vaccination and prolong the infection”. He stressed that the United States was “turning the epidemic” despite the rising virus across the country, including Pennsylvania, where new cases last week ran 42 percent higher than the two-week average. According to the New York Times database – A condition not seen by the State since April.

Mr. Trump had another warning to the voters there: Mr. Biden, he calls “Sleepy Joe,” fails to entertain them as he is. “If you want depression, destruction and frustration, vote for Sleepy Joe,” he said. “And boredom.”

Considered to have conceded his election deficit, the president saw his election prospects somewhat brighter in the days leading up to the corona virus. Before “Blake” came, he said, “I’m not going to burn.” I mean, I have to be honest, I have no way of coming. I don’t have to. “He added,” We won this thing.

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Mr. Trump was expected to join first lady Melania Trump.

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