Corona virus: Nearly 8,000 missing COVID-19 cases have not yet been identified political news

Corona virus: Nearly 8,000 missing COVID-19 cases have not yet been identified  political news

The Secretary of Health has acknowledged that nearly half of the nearly 16,000 people who have missed the test and trace the corona virus have not yet found their connection.

Public Health has been blamed by ministers for an “IT failure” in the UK – the problem with Excel spreadsheet reaching its maximum size Delay in reporting 15,841 COVID-19 cases In the UK.

Downing Street revealed that additional contact tracers are now being developed to help detect the contact of unregistered individuals with positive tests from September 25th to October 2nd.

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Matt Hancock said the situation was “ongoing” but that the government’s assessment of the epidemic had “not changed significantly”.

More than half of the missing cases – 51% – have been contacted for a second weekend to find their contacts, or 49% – the equivalent of some 7,762 – the health secretary told the public.

Mr Hancock’s “ongoing” comment did not mean that some positive cases had not yet been calculated, but the government later clarified that work was continuing to contact the missing.

Meanwhile, a Whitehall investigation has been launched to find out why the missing cases were not identified soon.

But the prime minister is still said to have full confidence in Baroness Harting, head of the NHS Test and Trace program.

He was questioned about the stalemate on Monday, accusing Labor of overseeing a “shampolic” system.

When asked how many were not found, Mr Johnson did not respond, but who should be on the NHS test and trace because of the delay in reporting infections.

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“I can’t give you those figures,” he said.

“What I can say is that all of those people are openly communicative, and the main thing is that everyone – whether in this group or in general – should be self-isolated.

“That’s the way it works.”

The Prime Minister said the successful use of the NHS Test and Trace program should create a “fire break” around the outbreak and “help us fight the virus”.

Breakdown of missing cases

Missing cases The original image Total current
September 25 957 6,874 7,831
26 September 744 6,042 6,786
September 27 757 5,693 6,450
September 28 0 4,044 4,044
29 September 1,415 7,143 8,558
30 September 3,049 7,108 10,157
01 October 4,133 6,914 11,047
02 October 4,786 6,968 11,754

Referring to the technical error, Mr Johnson said some data had been “lost” and “lost”.

The Master Excel spreadsheet reached its maximum capacity, so no more events could be added.

Authorities said “rapid mitigation” measures had been put in place to prevent this from happening again.

Mr Johnson added: “What they are doing now is not only contacting all the people who have been diagnosed with the disease – it was done in the first place – but they are now working on all the contacts.”

Speaking to reporters during a visit to a fixed power company in London, the Prime Minister clarified that those who are self-isolated at the request of the Downing Street NHS Test and Trace Program will pay $ 500 a lump sum. Mr Johnson said வருக 500 per week during the visit.

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Following the addition of new ones COVID-19 Cases for statistics in the UK show that the rate of epidemics on a weekly basis has risen in dozens of areas.

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Therese Coffee in 16,000 missing COVID cases

Earlier on Monday, Labor and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffee asked them if the NHS testing and trail program was aware of nearly 16,000 cases and whether others may have been affected by COVID-19.

“It might be good,” he told Sky News.

“I know most of it [contact-tracing] Over the past two days, the latest element of the week has occurred.

“So it is important that we act quickly and that PHE acts quickly to see if people should be self-isolated.

“Because I feel that not everyone who passes the rule can be identified by the test and trace rule.

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Shadow General Secretary of the Treasury Labor MP. Bridget Phillipson accused ministers of overseeing a “shambolic” system.

“Testing, tracking and isolating are not working,” he told Sky News.

Lucy Powell, Manchester Central MP and shadow trade minister, said the upward revision of infection rates in Greater Manchester following the discovery of the computer glitch was “very apt”.

“Local understanding of what is behind this increase is crucial, before we impose more stringent restrictions,” he tweeted.

“We are already living under local restrictions (over 2 months) more than most places.”

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After speaking with Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Monday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the test and trail system was “bringing down London and the country”.

“Today I spoke with the Secretary of Health and mayors from across the country and reminded him that the only way we can get a grip on this virus and prevent further locking and further action is through a fully functioning testing, tracking and isolation system. Protect our economy,” he said. .

Public Health England on Sunday said everyone involved had received their test results and those who tested positive were advised to self-isolate.

Joint Medical Director Dr Susan Hopkins told Sky News: “There is no delay in getting people their test results.

“Delays are in reporting to the dashboard and the public, and there have been delays in communication tracking.

“Public Health UK has apologized for what happened and has taken steps to prevent it from happening again.”

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