Corporate Group: This is the Millionaire amount that Eduin Caz Group earns per round

Corporate Group: This is the Millionaire amount that Eduin Caz Group earns per round

Recently, information about fixed group, one of the most popular Mexican regional bands in recent years.

This is precisely since Edwin Caz, one of the most famous members of the group as the vocalist of the band is originally from Tijuana, He was attacker While on stage, So the band put itself in the middle reflectors.

The successes of Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme has established itself as one of the Clusters of groups Favorites, through various successesAnd Especially With songs like “Eloxico” and “Gracias”.

Briefly, fixed group It has emerged not only in Mexico, but also in international, in addition to receiving nominations for a variety of programmes, among them Premios Juventud and Primo lo Nuestro, with the 2021 winners of the latter winning five the differences.

Let’s remember that since its creation in Tijuana in 2014, the band performed many tracks until its creation album for the first time Entitled “Past, Present, Future”, same as I know identical With 12 songs were not very successful.

However, the band rose to fame in 2018 when they featured the singles “Pídeme”, “El Roto” and “Juro Por Dios” and from that moment on, they would unleash their fame. international, so in the same year they did some music tours in Colombia, as well as Because they arrived He recorded a live album in that country called En Vivo desde Medellín Colombia.

How much do they earn per round?

Under this panorama full of success for the group led Edwin Kaze, It is easy to understand that their fame helped them to reap Many earnings.

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That’s why she was so surprised recently fixed group Featured among the magazine’s 10 highest-paid groups Polestar.

Pollstar is one of the Publications The world’s leading trading companies for Concerts And Song live, which is one of the most successful consultancy in international in this union.

currently, Polestar I was surprised that her latest review was published in the field Musicwhere he reveals that Billy Joel, Bruno Mars and Grupo Fermi are the most famous artists profitable So far this year in the US, that’s according to Bandamax.

In short, it was revealed that Grupo Firme has an income Appreciation 3 million dollars per round, ranking third in this acclaimed Ready.

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