Netflix guillotine! Cancels four sitcoms “at once”

Netflix guillotine!  Cancels four sitcoms “at once”

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Netflix He decided to implement the guillotine in his chain catalog and suddenly, “in one fell swoop” he removed four chains: Bonding, Country Rest, Mr. Iglesias Y Crew, since, according to the results, she no longer tastes much to the audience.


It premiered in April 2019 in a leading format for Netflix. No. Bonding when it premiered in April 2019, impressed with its 15-minute episodes; However, it ended in two seasons. It was about the friendship between Tiff (Zoe Levin) and Pete (Brendan Scannell), a story in which a psychology student acts as a control, and her gay best friend is her assistant.

Country Comfort

This is an update for The Nanny: Bailey (Katharine McPhee), released to the public only in March. She was an aspiring country singer in her 30s, but she became a babysitter for a widower (Eddie Cibrian) who had money and children. Country Comfort didn’t even exceed 10 episodes.

the crew

Starring Kevin James, with whom Netflix intends to continue working, up to and including the cancellation of the series, which talks about a NASCAR team that barely made it to the first 10 episodes.

Mr. Iglesias

A serial with a tight budget, but it had comedian Gabriel Iglesias, who had a large sitcom audience; However, that was not enough. Two years later it was canceled, despite Netflix’s intention not to release this comic.

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