Corrientes Basquiat defeated Berazategui and became captain

Corrientes Basquiat defeated Berazategui and became captain

Corrientes Basquiat defeated Berazategui on Sunday, in his last match in the regular stage. Corrientes’ women lost for the first time in this tournament on Saturday, to Rocamora, facing the only undefeated champion (for the second time in a row), and their window into the 2021 Clausura final., although porteñas have games to play.

The Northerners played their best basketball from minute zero, 10-2 in the first three minutes. They scored 4 out of 5 starters, and Berazategui hit on his part with an efficiency of 12.5%. After a slump between the two teams, Berazategui’s all-new company from Entre Ríos, Agustina Marín, scored 8 points and revived her squad. Before the break, Aldana Duarte converted a free throw equal to 3 points, Corrientes led by 5 points.

In the second set, the Buenos Aires women started better, with shots from distance by Gordwill and Marin. But the break really happened when she entered Cabañez from Mendoza, where she scored 3 consecutive breakthroughs and led her team for the first time. Before the long half, Corrientes Básquet improved his defense and managed to regain control with a minimal, paintbrush.

In the third quarter, Florencia Fernandez was the champion, in unbeaten part for Pirazategui, who scored 11 points in four minutes. Corrientes Básquet was able to fine-tune his line-up with Duarte, Adriana Murphy and Giulietta Armesto, who play a vital role in defense and attack to react: when they entered, the team summed up the 10-point gap that separated them from their rivals, and entered the extension better. Final souls.

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The last quarter saw Corrientes’ better performance, scoring goals in both hands, and Corrientes taking two points. In the first six minutes of the final segment, Buenos Aires scored only two points. In the end, both teams went for long possessions, lost the ball due to the time-out, and were kept at close range.

Agustina Garcia grabbed the driver’s baton and made invaluable mistakes, not missing any free throws and guiding the North team again. Berazategui squandered his possession to win it, and Agustina Bazin needed it, which came sporadically, and did not fail either.

Berazategui had lost his last game since 26 matches, on February 27, 2021, against Union Florida. In addition, Corrientes Básquet lost on three occasions they faced, but yesterday he made history and the in-country team passed the executioner in 2021 with persistence and good basketball.

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