COVID-19: Health confirms 5,226 new infections; Active cases exceed 51 thousand

COVID-19: Health confirms 5,226 new infections;  Active cases exceed 51 thousand
The Ministry of Health reported that 5,226 new cases were detected after 14,943 tests were conducted. Photo: La Hora/Archive.

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) reported 5,226 new cases detected on August 24, with this report the country adding 450,150 cases throughout the pandemic, of which 51,155 are still active (1,616) more than yesterday. In addition, 63 deaths corresponding to previous dates have been added, a total of 11,615 deaths to date, due to the disease.

5,226 new cases were detected after 14,943 coronavirus tests were conducted. In this sense, the positivity reached 34.97%. Similarly, it has been reported that 2,670 people tend to have the disease per 100,000 population.

Pollution by region

As of the last update, the most infected division was Guatemala with 213,714, followed by Quetzaltenango with 27,621 and then Sacatepequez with 19,271. In this field, the three least influential divisions were:

– Baja Verapaz: 3698
– Solola: 4,764
– Jalapa: 4871

The municipalities of Guatemala with the highest number of positive diagnoses in the last 24 hours were:

• Guatemala: 1,345 cases in 3,862 tests, 34.83% positive;
• Mixco: 317 cases, 907 positive tests, 34.95%. And
• Villa Nueva: 199 cases, 545 tests, 36.51% positive

By age and gender

The Covid-19 dashboard reflects that the majority of infections were men (52%) and 48% were women. When referring to ages, the most affected group was those between the ages of 20 and 29, with 61,537 males and 55,261 females. It is followed by the group from 30 to 39, with 50,877 females and 57,785 males.

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Deaths by region

In terms of deaths, only 7 recorded less than 200 deceased neighbors:

– Jellaba: 97
– Baja Verapaz: 100
– Santa Rosa: 113
– Progresso: 145
– Alta Verapaz: 149
– Gutiapa: 190
– Kitchi: 198

The rest of the divisions oscillate between 200 and 821, with the exception of Guatemala with 5,248.

By age and gender

As in infections, the majority of deaths were among men than women. As of the last update, 7,839 deaths were recorded for males and 3,776 for females.

In contrast to the group most affected by infection, the people most likely to die carrying the disease are people between the ages of 60 and 69; 3,095 deaths have been reported in this category. The second most vulnerable group is the 50-59 age group with 2,297.


Vaccination in Guatemala has collected 3,095,055 people with at least one dose, but only 932,902 have the full schedule, adding to a total of 40,27,957 vaccines administered as of August 24.

Of the first doses, 53% were from recent doses, 23% were from AstraZeneca and another 23% were from Sputnik, and to a lesser extent, Pfizer, an immunization device started the previous week.

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