Money Not Enough: Blue Origin publishes selection criteria for space travel aboard the New Shepard

Money Not Enough: Blue Origin publishes selection criteria for space travel aboard the New Shepard


May 12, 2021 22:49 GMT

People with claustrophobia or taller than 1.93 meters will not be permitted to enter the suborbital vehicle, among other restrictions.

The ability to pay the ‘ticket’ is not the only requirement to participate in Blue Origin’s first sub-orbital flight, as explains, Recommend Read the conditions for acceptance of candidates carefully.

a company Jeff Bezos’ tycoon It plans to launch the New Shepard six-man sub-orbiter next July, coinciding with the 52nd anniversary of the landing of the spacecraft on the surface of the moon. Apollo 11. This missile has already made 15 flights so far, But the new mission will transport people for the first time, while slot # 1 is reserved for the winner of the auction.

The same ad that lists Terms and conditions of the candidatesIt was published May 5 to mark another anniversary: ​​the 60th anniversary of the first American manned flight into space, which elevated astronaut Alan Shepard, who gave the name to the Blue Origin rocket, to a sub-orbital height.

Each crew member must be of legal age, between 152.4 and 193 cm in height and weigh between 50 and 101 kg, according to Requirements From the trip operator. Additionally, candidates must climb the launch tower (approx 7 flights of stairs) In less than 90 seconds and you are able to walk quickly on uneven surfaces.

Other clauses specify requirements Be able to wear a compressed jumpsuit, Twisting and loosening the seat belt in less than 15 seconds, as well as sitting in an inclined position for 40 to 90 minutes without being able to leave or go to the restroom. Some protocols seek to ensure that crew members are prepared for this Carry overload Experienced during takeoff and landing, as well as avoiding them Acceptance of people with claustrophobia.

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The requirements to travel on board the New Shepard are not limited to citizens of the United States or English-speaking countries, although applicants must demonstrate some proficiency in the language or at least Listen and understand instructions in English.In addition to “seeing and responding to warning lights”, which also requires good hearing and eyesight. Foreigners must present a passport with a valid US entry visa for the duration of stay in the country relevant to the “astronaut experience,” including the training period.

Another key element to consider is the push. The winner of the auction will be max 10 days to pay the amount-Once Blue Origin passes the bill, a 6% premium will be added to it. The potential traveler will also be responsible for any transfer or processing fees incurred as a result of this payment. When the winner signs the approval, the full amount will not be refunded, the operator warns.

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