Crisis on Televisa: After losing exclusivity, Andrea Legareta admits why she left ‘Hoy’

Crisis on Televisa: After losing exclusivity, Andrea Legareta admits why she left ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City. – famous driver Andrea Legarretawhich he presumably no longer has exclusive contract in TelevisaHe had all his fans and viewers very worried because he didn’t appear to lead the show today Yesterday morning, Monday, July 25, although all the morning team broadcasts live from the streets of Wilayat Oaxaca.

Yes, the actress too 51 years old He was not present at yesterday’s radio, which was set up years later outside the facilities of the San Angel TV station. Team today led product Andrea Rodriguez Doria Travel to the above-mentioned southern entity to promote the start Guelaguetza 2022 Everyone expected to see Legarreta in this special, but he never appeared in the frame.

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Because of all the doubts caused by his absence on the morning of the singer’s wife, Las Estrellas Eric Rubin I decided to break the silence through social networks. The Mexican broadcaster recorded several videos in her stories about Instagram In which he made it clear to all his followers that he was not present in it today Because she had to “stay to take care of” her youngest daughter Nina Robin because she is infected COVID-19.

I’ll tell you I didn’t go to Oaxaca because that little girl there gave her covid and obviously I had to stay with her…I stayed with my little girl. Family first.”

Likewise, Andrea stressed that in the act of responsibility, she also stayed home to get tested and thus not infect more people. Even the famous driver from San Angel said that she and her whole family had planned a trip to Oaxaca on these dates but had to put it on hold for obvious reasons: “I really wanted to go to Oaxaca, actually the whole family was going, but that is no longer possible. For the other, there are many From kisses to beautiful Oaxaca.”

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Andrea mentioned that Nina has Covid-19

Fortunately, it appears that La Legarreta has already confirmed that he is negative for Covid-19 because on the morning of Tuesday, July 26, he returned to host the most famous morning show. The beautiful Mexican arrived with all her energy at Televisa San ngel Forum 16 to accompany her comrades Galilea MontegoAnd the Tower LegacyAnd the Paul StanleyAnd the Tania Rincon s Andrea Escalona, to provide the best entertainment for viewers. It should be noted that the person who has been absent from the morning since last week is Raoul Arizahwho did not elaborate on why he lost his job so far.

Today’s cast

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