The importance of holidays for physical and mental health

The importance of holidays for physical and mental health

Mexico is one of the countries with more work and fewer vacations. The Federal Labor Code (LFT) currently states that the vacation period must be at least 6 days once the work is completed in the year, vacations increase with seniority, and an important aspect of this is that the worker is “obligated” to take such vacations. That is, unlike unofficial holidays which can be worked on for higher pay, Leaves cannot be refused.

The law does not allow the replacement of vacations with high pay. At this point, we can highlight the importance that LFT gives to the rest of the factor. however, Why is it important to take vacations at least once a year?

For workaholics it may seem difficult for them to rest, there are those who consider vacations to be a waste of time and money, but in fact they are very necessary Keeping our physical and mental health in good shape.

Even for those who really love their work and consider themselves very active people, rest is absolutely necessary. It must be remembered that we are human beings, not machines, which is why we feel exhausted, and the best way to prevent it is with breaks.

Symptoms and inconveniences like migraines, stomach aches, insomnia, irritability or others are usually a sign that our bodies are tired and need a break. The “burnout” syndrome or job burnout is a disease that can be prevented by real vacations and vacations at least once a year.

Usually the problem of taking vacations has a social aspect. Right now there is a period of great speed and competition, so rest is sometimes seen as a waste of time or laziness, and workers feel that if they rest they are not doing enough. An example of this is Korean society, although it can also be seen in other countries, such as Latin America.

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It’s important to understand that vacations are essential, but especially smart vacations. I mean, Completely disconnect from work. Our brain needs a break and downtime, as these elements help us be more creative and productive once we get back to work. For this reason, always remember to give yourself time to rest and do the things you love.

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