Cristiano Ronaldo refused to enter during United’s win over Tottenham, Eric Den Haag confirms

Cristiano Ronaldo refused to enter during United’s win over Tottenham, Eric Den Haag confirms

The United manager added that Ronaldo had already been warned about his behavior when he was seen leaving Old Trafford ahead of last July’s final against Rayo Vallecano.

Technician Manchester United’s Erik ten Haagconfirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo refused to enter the alternative against Tottenham Hotspur.

Ronaldo Came off the bench before the end of Wednesday’s 2-0 win over Spurs and then walked off the field. Have a hack and group United They return to the locker room.

In a press conference held on Friday, Have a hack confirmed that Ronaldo His refusal to come on as a substitute late in the game prompted the coach to drop the 37-year-old from the squad. Chelsea on Saturday.

When asked that Cristiano Ronaldo He refused to come on as a substitute against Tottenham, Den Haag Answered: “Yes”.

Have a hack added that Ronaldo He has already been warned about his behavior after being spotted leaving Old Trafford before the end of a pre-season friendly. Vallecano Ray In the month of July.

“I am the manager, I am responsible for a great sporting culture here, I have to set standards and values ​​and I have to control them,” he added.

“We are a team, the team has values ​​and rules, which I have to control Vallecano Ray I said it was unacceptable, but not just him, but everyone, so when the second time comes, there will be consequences.

“I sent a warning at the start of the season, next time there should be consequences. Football is a team sport and you have to meet certain standards. I have to control that.”

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Ronaldo Training only on Fridays and physical trainers He will not be in the squad for the match against Chelsea Saturday at Stamford Bridge.

He is expected to rejoin the core group on Monday Europe League against him FC Sheriff at Old Trafford on Thursday and Have a hack He said the Portugal striker is still “an important player”.

“Conversations are in between Christian And I,” he said Have a hackWho cannot be counted Anthony Martial against him Chelsea As the Frenchman continues to recover from a back injury.

“We’ll lose him tomorrow, it’s a loss for the team, but it’s important for the team’s attitude and mentality, and now we have to focus. ChelseaBecause it matters. He is still an important part of the team.”

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