The list of candidates to replace Liz Truss in the UK has been shortened and the Conservatives want it to be decided as soon as possible

The list of candidates to replace Liz Truss in the UK has been shortened and the Conservatives want it to be decided as soon as possible
Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Benny Mordaunt, the main contenders for the leadership of the British Conservative Party

When there is only one week left to choose the alternative Downing Street current prime minister Les TrussAfter her early resignation from the post which made her president for the shortest term in office. There are three conservative candidates whose nominations for the leadership of the party have rebounded.

The first was Truss’ opponent in the last election Rishi Sunak. The former chancellor was trailing the incumbent prime minister in the second round of the Tory leadership race.

Conservative candidate Rishi Sunak
Conservative candidate Rishi Sunak

Sunak won the support of 137 deputies to Truss’s 113, and its allies are among the most critical of the prime minister.

However, he is unpopular with Truss allies and is seen by some as a betrayal of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a point repeatedly made by party insiders.

Sonat was shot when his wife showed up Ascata MorteHe is ranked 222th on the rich list Sunday timeswith a combined fortune of £730 million, was paying £30,000 a year to use his non-resident status and not pay UK tax on his foreign income.

Then there is the former Prime Minister Boris Johnsonwho is popular with party members and still has loyal supporters in Parliament.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson

His landslide victory in 2019 showed that he is an asset to the Conservatives, but Party Gate And scandals during the pandemic are risky for the party. He still faces an investigation into whether he misled Parliament regarding the Downing Street parties.

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It is believed that he wants to focus on writing books and cleaning up his finances now that he is out of Downing Street, but the unfinished business may tempt him to return.

The former prime minister was on vacation in the Dominican Republic when he learned of the resignation of his former foreign minister. There is high expectation in the UK for Johnson to return to face the Conservative Party.

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Penny Mordaunt It is another name that seems strong to occupy the number 10 Downing Street. Leader subscriber She came in third in the final three of the Conservative leadership race, garnering the support of 105 MPs and announcing her candidacy on Twitter on Friday for the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

“I am a candidate for Conservative Party leadership and prime minister, to unite our country, fulfill our commitments and win the upcoming legislative elections,” the 49-year-old former Deputy Secretary of Defense and International Trade wrote.

Penny Mordaunt
Penny Mordaunt

He belongs to the moderate wing of the party, but has strong credentials for Britain’s exit from the European Union. He showed his support for Liz Truss once she was eliminated from the race for prime minister.

He was offered a joint candidacy with Rishi Sunak, but he preferred to support the Prime Minister.

Mordaunt, a former Marine reservist, previously served as Secretary of International Development and Secretary of Defense.

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He was the last candidate to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party Ben WallaceDefense Minister supported by MPs and Conservative Party bases. However, on Friday he announced his withdrawal from the competition to offer his support to the former prime minister, Boris Johnson.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace
British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace

The Conservative Party The Briton lives a frantic campaign to find her successor GearsAlthough the opposition is calling for elections to end months of political chaos.

After 45 days in office, marked by an economic crisis sparked in particular by her decisions, the conservative leader announced her resignation on Thursday.

Candidates to win the Conservative Party leadership and with him the post of Prime Minister United kingdom They must have the support of at least 100 of the 357 “Conservative Party” MPs, announced Thursday Graham Brady, who is in charge of organizing the new formation primaries.

Liz Truss’ resignation announcement

In the event that parliamentary bloc support is split between two candidates, it will be party members who choose the next parliament speaker in an online vote. UK government.

The Conservatives have increased the number of necessary endorsements from the 30 they called for in last summer’s primaries, and are speeding up voting dates to appoint the next prime minister as soon as possible.

In practice, the limits set by the party limit the maximum number of applicants who can participate in the process to three.

The nomination period was open from Thursday afternoon and will end next Monday at 2:00 p.m. local time.

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The winner of the primaries will know, at the latest, next Friday, though the result may come soon, even Monday, if only one candidate manages to pass a hundred parliamentary support.

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