Cruise Azul Vs. Lyon – Party Report – November 3, 2021

Cruise Azul Vs.  Lyon – Party Report – November 3, 2021

MEXICO CITY – Champion Cruz Azul struggled until the last minute, but due to the behavior of his fans and the lack of purpose of the attackers, he lost 1-0 to Lyon. As a result, a direct pass to the league takes him away from the possibility of entering the ranks, which now depends on other outcomes.

Homosexual screams erupted at the Azteca Stadium stand as all cruise liners were thrown at Rodolfo Kota’s goal. On the third and fourth occasions when it was heard, Peruvian Juan Rhinoso had to slow down the team’s performance and stop the game.

Romolo Otero, Luis Romo and teammate Fernando Guerrero were told that the game had been stopped but at the same time hand-tied by the behavior of their fans, and the public action became the culmination of the game. .

The cry appeared when Rodolfo Kota had too much contact with the ball, but it happened precisely because Cruz was on target for Azul Singh, who, in the first half, tried to match the visiting 1-0, thanks to Nacho’s own goal. Rivero. The strength taught by Montoya and the motivation of the angle ended there.

The gay screaming pause helped the lion calm down again, although Cruz had more chances to draw Azul, but the champion players were stunned, and only Luis Romo made the change. Last minute of the game.

The Celestial Machine of the Blue Cross fell to the lion, among other things, as their own fans set foot with homosexual shouts.

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