Fenafuth chief poses ‘Bolillo’ Gómez: ‘He is a humble, knowledgeable person and has good treatment with the players’ – Diez

Fenafuth chief poses ‘Bolillo’ Gómez: ‘He is a humble, knowledgeable person and has good treatment with the players’ – Diez

Jorge Solomon , head Honduran Football Association, Speak powerfully about the concept created around the new H technician, the Colombian Hernan L “Bolelo” Gomez.

Head of the Honduran football team We believe a lot in Gomez Although the way to Qatar for Honduras is complicated After the first six dates and adding only three points in the table, Salomon assures that this story will change under Bolello’s guidance.

Thank God he put us on the path of the teacher Gomez, someone with a lot of experience, who has a lot of senior team management, knows how important these two November games are, how important the match against PanamaLet’s go with it all, with all the will, it’s been working fine. There was good contact with most of the footballers and with the rest he will do so now that they are reunited.”

DT FROM Panama Doesn’t Give Importance to Bolillo in Honduras

He also indicated what he could evaluate.rollHe is a very humble person, knowledgeable about football, his humility and good treatment with the players is a good thing. He has made a strong effort to integrate into our society, he has made a huge effort. Thank you for coming to work to try to get through this difficult time.”

Jorge Salomón took the opportunity to comment on the official list of players who will be in for the double knockout date in November. “We will all find out whether there will be surprises or not, the master has worked in detail, and he is adjusting things, and I hope that those who are there with all their hearts to defend the colors of our flag, come to Honduras, nuestra H. We will be in the stands supporting them. Let whoever is on the list come up with everything.”

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He also sent an important message to Honduran fans before the elimination duel in November 12 against Panamaat the San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium.

“We will leave Honduras more united than ever. We have 26 players called up, But we are 9 million Hondurans we will support. Asking the fans for their support, the support they gave us, the anti-gay cries must be avoided, and we must shout for Honduras.”

Today, the Football Association announced the prices of tickets for the twelfth match, next Friday, against Panama. On Saturday, “Bolillo” Gómez will make the official invitation to the third elimination window of CONCACAF is heading to Qatar 2022.

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