Cruise defeated Forge FC at the Azul Conclave

Cruise defeated Forge FC at the Azul Conclave

Cruz advanced to the round after beating Forge FC in the 16th round of the Azul Congo Champions.

Cruz faces Forge FC in the Azul Congo Champions.
© Blue CrossCruz faces Forge FC in the Azul Congo Champions.

The time for that has come Blue Cross. Very fond of winning the title 2022 Concacaf Champions League Jump on the pitch Aztec Ground Tonight, close the process in front of Forge FC, with Second leg fight of the 16th roundThen Take advantage of the Ida fight 1-0, Played on the Canada tour.

Engine You already know the team you will be competing with Quarter final If advancing to the next round: The MontrealDespite CanadaSo looking forward to this Thursday Seal your ticket before your house meetingWith the intention of making firm progress towards Won his seventh trophy Continental competition.

This way, Blue Cross Tonight is coming to a big date The Combians against Forge FC Almost all of its teams are available Christian Tabo was the only victim in the match. And so on John Rhinoso Sebastian will go out with Jurato; Adrian Altred, Juan Escobar, Louis Abrams, Joaquin Martinez; Rafael Paca, Luis Mendoza, Ignacio Rivero, Romulo Otero; Angel Romero and Santiago Kimines.

Minute by minute exchange: Cruise Azul vs. F.C.

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