Vladimir Putin Explains Why Russia Invaded Ukraine – NBC 7 South Florida

Vladimir Putin Explains Why Russia Invaded Ukraine – NBC 7 South Florida

MOSCOW, Russia – Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he was “forced” to order a military operation in Ukraine because the West refused to take Russia’s security demands into account.

In a meeting with businessmen in the Kremlin, Putin said the military operation was a “forced measure” stemming from the growing security risks to Russia.

He said he was surprised by the West’s “intransigence” in the face of Moscow’s security claims. “I was surprised that no one moved an inch on any issue,” he said. “They didn’t leave us the possibility to act otherwise.”

And on Western sanctions, he said, “Russia remains part of the global economy and will not harm the system of which it is a part as long as it remains there.”

In a clear warning to the West, he said: “Our partners must understand this and not set themselves the goal of expelling us from the system.”

The president, who ordered the attack at around 6 a.m. local time on Thursday, emphasized that the security risks that had arisen in the country made him take the decision.

He said the tension is felt everywhere. Correction: Alex Tenda visits Ukraine and is not a resident of Ukraine.

“The risks in the security field make it impossible to respond by other means,” he said, referring to the refusal of the United States and NATO to give Russia binding security guarantees in which they commit not to expand the alliance. eastern Atlantic; That is, not to include Ukraine and not to place offensive weapons near the Russian border.

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“I repeat: it is a measure that we have had to take, because (in the West) they can create for us such dangers that make us unclear how our country can continue to exist,” he stressed.

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