Cruz Azul took advantage of the penalty kick, according to Felipe Ramos Rizzo

Cruz Azul took advantage of the penalty kick, according to Felipe Ramos Rizzo

The ESPN specialist indicated that there had been no foul by Jose Juan Vasquez on Luis Romo and that that meant a penalty in favor of Cruz Azul.

Arbitration analyst ESPN, Felipe Ramos Rizzo considers the penalty kick to be in favor Blue cross This meant a tie in the overall score in the quarter-final series against Toluca That gave the pass to the next round of Liguilla at Guard1anes 2021.

“This is never a penalty kick, Galito put his foot on the ground and call due to inertia. The penalty kick is badly punished.”

In the 79th minute, with “the machine” in complete despair for a goal that would give life to the series against the Red Devils, Luis Romo He entered the area and fell due to friction with the opposing midfielder, Jose Juan Vázquez, which is why referee Fernando Hernandez made a maximum decision to kick the penalty without resorting to direct VAR.

In the end, Blue cross He sealed a pass to the previous title-winning round thanks to a show in velocity over midfield, which Santiago Jimenez envisioned with a colander strike by Jonathan Rodriguez in the race to the area and a late pass for the same “Bebote” to identify with the left hand in front of the small area.

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