Cruz Azul training crew upset with TUDN

Cruz Azul training crew upset with TUDN


The TUDN broadcast of the match between Cruz Azul and Tijuana, last weekend, showed Juan Reynoso’s list of notes and tactics for seconds long.

Rinoso and Cruzazol Discomfort from TUDN
© picture 7Rinoso and Cruzazol Discomfort from TUDN

Cruz Azul beat Zulus de Tijuana 2-0 Last Saturday January 8, in a match valid for match day 1 of the Liga MX 2022 Clausura Championship. Carlos Rodriguez and Rafael Baca were the top scorers, but I went with reflectors Juan Renoso, after filtering the images on your board From tactical notes.

the TUDN FLOW Show for long seconds the place that was full of results to play the game. Even the narrators commented on this situation in a sarcastic tone. Members of the coaching staff who were watching the match on TV sent the information to DT, so he could hide his blackboard.

As can be seen from the Half Time Filtered Touch column, the entire coaching staff is annoyed by San Ángel TV. During the match, One of the photographers focused on a blackboard that Juan Reynoso usually carries in every match To take notes and thus provide feedback to your employees”, Begin.

But what happened? The picture lasted several seconds in transmission until the narrators and commentators mocked Reynuso’s writing. This was noted by the assistant coaches of Peru, who were watching the serve and the match from another angle in the stands. So you don’t lose any details.”column adds.

“They were responsible for informing Renault’s technical staff of what had just happened They made the decision to flip the plate when they felt the TV station had revealed the intimacy of the Heavenly Chamber’s tactical approach. There is no doubt that Reynoso’s staff were upset by what happened and now they will be more careful off the bench to avoid another similar moment.”, they close.

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