Cruz Azul vs Lyon (0-1): history and goal

Cruz Azul vs Lyon (0-1): history and goal

The Classic Young Designed to be a turning point in this important week for blue crossHowever, he was behind that good game that Juan Renoso can beat America To go back to what the machine showed in this Opening 2021. own goal Ignacio Rivero He awarded La Vieira the win and three key points to lead him to third place overall.

Mina’s Angel He appeared again as a hit to the team that got him to Mexico, this time it wasn’t such a goal as in the other moments, but it was half a job, and he ended up steeling his former teammates.

Send high from the edge of the area to the right post jesus crown Omar Fernandez He was the receiver of the complex that Andrés Mosquera reached, but between several legs, River He ended up giving the final push to the bottom of his net.

Undoubtedly, this night was not the best for the cement left behind, let alone Rivero himself, who became the direct entrance to Esmeralda and Omar Fernandez, That player who knows best Reynoso.

without suffering

The machine had serious problems in the lower part of the court, but upstairs it seemed to have more clarity though unlucky, because it was a job or Rodolfo CottaThere was always something in every attempt that didn’t allow goal celebrations.

To make matters worse and again, the Celestial Fans gave a sample of exhaustion and despair With a homophobic cry against Rodolfo Cotta, forcing the match to be suspended for a few minutes.

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The first warning at the beginning of the second half from a shot Paul Fernandez To the center he was running well Participate With his crew in the background, he gave the cement makers some excitement. Another danger with a center Nacho Rivero That does not Angolan Ne Santi Jimenez They reached to push him to the bottom of the window.

Nothing gave the locals a little luck, another offensive game to get to the area where it is Urbelin Pineda Receive the ball, control it and shoot it straight into my hand Participate.

The four manifestations of the anti-gay shouting forced a total of 11 minutes as each follower remained on the edge of the seat with a series of shots due to pressure from the band that eventually had common elements.Or Walter Montoya And Lucas Passerini As last exchange options.

The wailing cry of the ball hitting the post was paired with the final whistle thus Machine Stopped, trying to start, by A Justice He finished third with 26 points and left blue cross In sixth place with 23. On Sunday they played their last cards before Pumas.

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