Tigres surprises and trains in the style of “The Squid Game” | Video

Tigres surprises and trains in the style of “The Squid Game” |  Video

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The year 2021 was marked by the collapse of a series that became a global phenomenon:squid game‘, which is a Korean production of Netflix That caused a sensation and that is now inspiring workouts tigers.

picture MX . League, Directed by Miguel Herrera, decided to test an exercise “inspired” from one of the competitions that appeared in the series and called it “red and green light“.

there was University Stadium that it Herrera louse He decided to implement his new exercise, instructing the players to advance with control of the ball and then giving instructions that forced them to stop completely, eliminating those who had lost control of the ball.

Tigers preparing for a confrontation Juarez brave At the last date of the regular stage of the tournament Opening 2021 from MX . League, the fencing he needs to win to secure a direct pass to Liguilla.

What is a “squid game”?

Popular production known assquid game“(“squid gamein Latin America) is the most watched series in the history of the streaming service Netflix.

she has Nine episodes in which Competition evolves In which people desperate to improve their economic situation will have to play a series of children’s games to win Millionaire AwardEven if they risk losing their lives trying.

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