Cruz, the duo have hoarded Chapman on the 9th

Cruz, the duo have hoarded Chapman on the 9th

Minneapolis, e .– Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruise each scored two runs in the ninth inning of the Aroldis Chapman and the Minnesota duo beat the New York Yankees 7-5 on Thursday night to win all three games.

J.A. In Hop’s first inning, Giancarlo Stanton sent a slider 422 feet to three touch homers, and Colombia’s Gio Urshela knocked it out of the park, finishing sixth on the Yankees 5 lead with only the rights order.

But the Cuban Chapman blew the save 14 times for the second time, taking the loss. He threw only five of the nine strikes, and the pace slowed from his usual 99-100 mph, allowing four runners to reach the base.

Jorge Bolanco finished ninth with a single on the 3-1 field, while Donaldson hit the 438-foot Homer 1-0 at 95.5 mph. Venezuela’s Williams Astudilo was united on the first pitch, and Dominican Cruz took it out of the park the next time, a fastball at 97.8 mph.

Closer to the doubles, Hansel Robles (2-2) won right after the ninth inning.

For the Yankees, Colombian Geo Urshela scored 4-2 with RBI and a run. Venezuelan clipper Torres scored 5-3. Dominicans Miguel Andazar 3-2; Gary Sanchez 4-1.

As for the doubles, the Dominicans Nelson Cruz scored a goal for all four Reserve Banks 2-2; Jorge Bolanco 4-1 with one score; Miguel Sane scored 4-1; Gilberto Celestino 4-1. Venezuela’s Williams Astudilo scored a run to make it 1-1.

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