Myrka Dellanos responded to the attacks received after the Miss Universe finale

Myrka Dellanos responded to the attacks received after the Miss Universe finale

‘s driverHot table‘, Mirka Dellanos He has been away from the aforementioned Telemundo TV show for a while due to a commitment he had to fulfill, which he One of the chosen to coordinate the Jury of Miss Universe It was held last Saturday January 14th in New Orleans.

Since it is known that the representative who led the band from America New Miss Universe 2022 The negative comments didn’t stop, but many did They have drawn some comparisons with their most recent song Shakira. As many interpreted the victory as between Venezuela or the Dominican Republic, various netizens said that R’Bonney Gabriel should not hold the crown.

Dellanos was hit after negative comments were recorded, meaning countless people took the time to write him disagreeing with the decision. Because of this, they came to express it They even lost the “authenticity” they saw in Mirka.

“I don’t know why you swore. You know very well that this crown is between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. To me, you have already lost respect and credibility”, “Mirka, what did you swear by… to be allowed to buy??? That crown belongs to Venezuela”, “What happened to that result my friendEveryone was stunned, total fraud”, “Myrka, you have fooled us this time, although I know you are not the only one who voted for America”, they told her.

However, he responded to many of the comments they left on the camera’s social network, as well as explaining part of the process experienced to choose the winner of the competition.

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“But sir, I have only one vote. There were 7 others. I can’t talk about my personal vote, but you have to take into account that we are 8, not just one”, “We are 8 jury members – I have one vote. Maths is a science and 1 vote is mine. They need to understand this“,”There is no fraud that I know of. But there are 8 judges and they all vote, apparently each person voted in secret and has their own criteria”, “What a pity they think I personally cheated them. They don’t understand how to vote. We are 8 years old and I have one vote”

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