An exceptional conclusion to the 4x400m relay race gets a medal that is difficult to predict.

In a stunning race not for the faint of heart, the Cubans won Lesnyidi I. Vietia and Rose M. Almanza, Saheli Diago and Zorian Hechavarria took gold in the women’s 4×400 with a time of 3:33.15, giving them the crown. Difficult diagnosis.

With this win, Cuba reached 30 gold medals, a result well above the maximum of 22 titles expected in this continental event.

The Athletics’ contribution had a huge role to play in this result, as they secured seven crowns and some commendable performances at this point in the season.

One of them was specifically the girls in the long relay, especially after their win over the Dominican Republic in that final (3:34.27), a quartet that was closest to Marielidi Paulino herself, the reigning 400m world champion.

Likewise, the Cuban women’s success has another important feature: it was achieved without the presence of Roxana Gomez, their main runner.

In the same way, they did so in the presence of Saheli Diago and Rosemary Almanza, just an hour and a half after competing in the 800m final and taking gold and bronze respectively.

In third place was Brazil, with a time of 3:34.80.

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