Cuban actress Zagares Fernandez explains her relationship with Al2 El Aldeano

Cuban actress Zagares Fernandez explains her relationship with Al2 El Aldeano

Cuban actress Zagares Fernandez She clarified her relationship with her Al2 Villager After rumors spread on social media about a video in which he appeared with the rapper playing with the son of the artists Pia and Botti.

The video was taken in Tennessee, where the cabin is for actress Ali Sanchez. Many people thought that Al2 and Zajaris were in love.

“Yes, we have a friendship. We are friends of course. We met in person a few months ago, but we don’t have another relationship. Al2 lives in Tampa and I live here, do you think with 40 years I’m going to have a relationship with someone who lives four hours away?” in Mekkah.

Although the actress admitted that it was a “good amount” and “yes, that’s to give him some pinch,” she confirmed that she had nothing and that if she were his girlfriend, he would have said so.

The actress said, “Al2 is someone who surprised me, because I saw him very rude, singing all these things, but he was a calm, sensitive, highly educated man and I was surprised.”

Zagres explained that at this point she was celibate and she said, jokingly, that she couldn’t have a husband like Al2 because it’s “so hot”, there are definitely a lot of women interested in him and “Do you think I’m going to share? This problem now?”

The temperature rose when the actress chose Al2 as an artist with whom she would go on an adventure with her in a hotel during one of the games on the show, and in the middle of the interview Zagares sang part of “A Song I Really Love”, which turned out to be “I love you” from the album Recordpilation, Vol. 4By Al2 el Aldeano.

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