Cuban government anonymous attack pages Cuba Libre – International

Cuban government anonymous attack pages Cuba Libre – International

cyber activist group Unknown “Operation Cuba” #OpCuba began by attacking many of the Cuban government’s official pages, as stated in many of their social profiles, in retaliation, they say, for the police crackdown on the island against protesters demanding freedom. Cuba.

According to Anonymous, the pages of the Government of Havana, the Central Bank of Cuba and the University of Havana, among others, have been disconnected, although many are already back to normal.

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As seen in different group profiles UnknownThey could leave the pages of the faculties of the University of Havana where they left messages such as: “We are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive nor forget. Wait for us. Freedom. For Cuba, below Raúl, below Díaz-Canel.”

Anonymous attacking pages of the Cuban government

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Anonymous says that the operation #free cuba #CubaEsUnaDictadura is mainly due to the violent repression of police and state agents against civilians and protesters, before several videos of how they got into people’s homes to arrest them.

“If you support communists and oppressors, you are our enemy. This is only the beginning of what awaits them, and they will not escape our hands, we are there inside your system and we know everything you do, every key you press, pages that you search on the Internet, all your secrets will be revealed. Freedom to the people of Cuba and Our Brothers”, read another message left on the website of the Embassy of Spain in Cuba, which is also offline due to the work of Anonymous.

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