Cumbia can hear Colombian in space

Cumbia can hear Colombian in space

to: Juan Carlos Garay

How far has Colombian music gone? We might have broken another record this week, if we follow the social media information from astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is currently in outer space.

It turns out that a few days ago, on his Instagram account, the astronaut posted a video that we see floating in space due to the absence of gravity, 408 kilometers from the surface of planet Earth. While floating, the astronaut listens to “Cumbia del Monte Fuji,” a recent recording by Colombian group Frente Cumbiero (in collaboration with Japanese Minyo Crusaders), which is part of the “Minyo Cumbiero” album.

Thomas Pesquet is the first French astronaut to lead a space mission. It is the Alpha mission, which took off from Earth on April 23 and docked at the International Space Station the next day, after nearly 24 hours of travel. The aim of the mission is to study the effects of zero gravity on the human brain, with the goal of long-term space travel in the future. Pesquet may also have wanted to study the effects of Cumbia in outer space.

For his part, musician Mario Galliano, director of the Front Compero Group, was very happy with the news. “It was unexpected,” declared Galliano. “It is very symbolic that the song recorded by one echoes from there. This speaks of a global umbrella covering Cumbia, and it predicts that our music will continue to reach new places, even other planets.”

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The International Space Station is traveling at 28,000 kilometers per hour, allowing it to orbit the planet every 90 minutes. Under the circumstances, “Cumbia del Monte Fuji” seemed to be the best soundtrack to the captain and crew of this space mission.

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