Dana Paola revealed that she was drugged by several men in Madrid

Dana Paola revealed that she was drugged by several men in Madrid

Mexico. With the intention of educating men and women of the danger that the confidence of strangers can bring, the Mexican singer Dana Paula admitted to a traumatic experience in which several men lived through her numbness. During the recording period of the series “Elite” in Madrid.

“I don’t remember what happened between the place, how I got to the house, and how I ended up in the hospital,” the actress said in a digital program broadcast on YouTube.

Dana said that after experiencing severe depression in Madrid, she decided to go out to dinner with a friend who visited her from Mexico.

In the restaurant, the two met three Latin men and decided to start a conversation with them. But without the singer noticing that they drugged her and entered herThey tried to offend her in the minutes her friend let her to go to the bathroom.

Suddenly (one of the men) says to me, ‘Was this your glass, wasn’t it? “I started talking to him and immediately I started to feel bad, I started to feel dizzy, and I started to feel sleepy and I said I must go. They started wanting to overcome the situation.

Fortunately, the “Bad Fame” singer. She was able to go home with her friend’s help, but shortly after she was hospitalized, although she stated that there were no major complications in this regard.

“It’s something your mom always tells you not to do and that you always do:“ Don’t drink anything from strangers, don’t let anyone hold your cup, and don’t pick up strangers anywhere. “Let’s realize that no matter how powerful and independent we are, we do not know the intentions of others,” he said.

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On the show, Dana also tells about how difficult it is to get to where she is, and although she remembers her happy childhood, she went through several difficult moments when she was the victim of “bullying” (harassment) at school.

As the actress voiced How much damage did her body suffer after the hair products company called her “fat”? After she registered an ad and this is one of the reasons that inspired her to write her song “I Myself”.

He admitted, “They started to create a state of insecurity in me that I did not feel. It was this constant rejection of myself, and I had no self-esteem, and my priority was to look good, and to stop acting or singing.”

The singer has also voiced her experience in terms of her romantic relationships and that she currently feels ready for love.

He said, “I have my heart full, I am happy, and I am in the very ‘chingón’ moment of my life and everything I’ve been through made me understand what I want today with someone in a relationship without losing the ground.”

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