The biggest day of activity leaves the harbor without any space

The biggest day of activity leaves the harbor without any space

The port started 2021 at the same positive rate for the end of 2020, which allowed the Viejo Port Authority to be the fastest growing in the said year for the entire state network. While awaiting final traffic data for the first month, the two major terminals, Guixar and Bouzas, delivered the first full stop of the year. In Buzas, with two ships in the ocean and another ferry for loading and unloading vehicles for export, with maximum berth capacity. In 2020, Vigo was the second port to transport most vehicles as cargo, and it remained very close to the first port, which Valencia barely controlled. In 2021, it could be replicated if the Stellantis Group (formerly known as PSA) maintains its production at an all-time high, with five different brands established at the Balaídos plant.
On the other side of the Vigo marine station, Guixar’s pier, despite 700 meters from the mooring line, became too small and forced one of the four scheduled per day to wait at anchorage. In total, they transported between themselves a little more than 700 containers, which was a very important number for a day. By ships, the “Elite” loaded 26 warehouses and unloaded 76 cargo; “Astrorunner” loaded 14 and unloaded 250, and “The Visitor” raised 99 and decreased 139. “Monte Bianco”, in the afternoon, loaded 27 unloaded 76. In total, 166 export containers and 541 imports, which confirms Vigo as a port of entry. Goods from all over the world, especially from France, China, Belgium, the United States and most recently Costa Rica, are for fruit. Throughout 2020, France continued to be the number one trading partner, despite falling significantly, while China was up more than 30% from the previous year.

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