Dana Paula and Laura Bossini Recreation Leather Pants Once Again: Pics

Dana Paula and Laura Bossini Recreation Leather Pants Once Again: Pics

When a famous woman wears and flaunts a new style of dress, it is sure to become a trend again and so it happened with Mexican Dana Paola And the Italian Laura Bossini.

They are both singer Italy Like the Mexico They have shown their great fondness for fashion and have done so, without consent, one by one that brings celebrities back to life Leather pants The Black leather.

Laura Bossini He is living a wonderful moment in his life after being nominated for the first time to A. Academy Award, While Dana Paula He is still on the rise after his co-starring in the light-hearted series that brought him an international hit.

The Mexican assumed a set of images as I assumed it just awesome the shape, Which immediately spread beyond the million reactions seen wearing this Clothes.

While the Italian He has done the same with a bunch of pictures where he flaunts his great moment, after being nominated for an award Oscar.

Leather pants were in fashion a while ago with celebs like Shakira, but they were forgotten and now belong to them. Dana Paula s Laura Bossini, Two international personalities that will undoubtedly put them in trend again.

The mexican showed the dress. Photo: Instagram
Bossini and her sexy pants. Photo: Instagram


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