Loma President appeals against the legislature and refuses to amend contracts

Loma President appeals against the legislature and refuses to amend contracts

LUMA Energy President Wayne Stainsby confirmed today that the company will be able to take over the transmission and distribution system for the nation’s electricity system from June 1 and dismissed claims to amend the agreement with the Puerto Rican government.

In recent days, lawmakers from three political parties in the House of Representatives introduced a decision to delay – at least until January 15, 2022Implementation of the agreement between the Energy Union, the Public Private Partnerships Authority (P3), and the Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

During a round table with members of the press, Stinsby confirmed that the company would be ready to take over the management of the country’s transportation and distribution system, ignoring the legislative proposal to delay the implementation of the contract until next year.

There is no sense in spending more time studying or analyzing what could be or what should be [el acuerdo]. The best case scenario is to start as soon as possible to make improvements to the electrical system and that is why we are focusing on the date of June 1, ”the CEO said to questions from Metro On the reasons for opposing the postponement of entry into force of the contract. Stinsby argued that the company has evidence and data indicating it will be able to meet the June 1 deadline and take over the reins of the nation’s electrical system.

It even considered unnecessary proposals to amend the agreement between the company and the Puerto Rican government, such as allowing PREPA to oversee implementation of the agreement and not P3. “LUMA’s position is that there is no need to amend the contract. The said agreement has been ratified by the Board of Directors, P3, the Board of PREPA, the Board of Financial Supervision and the Governor of Puerto Rico. What is necessary is to begin with improvements to the electrical system.” Stensby described it as a “distraction. “They are seeking to amend the contract to give the PREPA Board of Directors the contract oversight function.

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He also indicated that it would not be necessary to amend the agreement to change the terms that leave the door open for the company to leave the island in the event of a “force majeure” event such as a natural disaster. “I want to make it clear that LUMA and the parent companies are not going anywhere … We will be here for 15 years,” said Stinsby, who confirmed that the Energy Association has experience handling responses after a storm has passed.

In turn, he commented that the company, at least for the next three years, does not expect to demand an increase in electricity tariffs for consumers.

Thunder against the public sessions in the House of Representatives

The company president also shocked the request for documents of Representative Luis Raul Torres – chair of the Committee for Economic Development, Planning, Communications and Public-Private Partnerships – as they were required to submit several documents within 48 hours with the intent to sow doubts about the contractual process. “The documents request was a clear attempt to cast doubt and shadow over the recruitment process under P3 and on LUMA. I want to be unambiguous: The process under P3 was strict and comprehensive.” In his initial media presentation, “The contract is legal and has been fully ratified,” he said in his initial media presentation. He added that they committed themselves this morning at 9:00 am to the specified date and submitted all the information requested by the chamber committee.

He also criticized Stinsby that he underwent a lengthy hearing last Sunday during which he was not allowed to expose or answer questions.

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“As part of the legislative investigation into the LUMA contract, I was taken off for eight hours and denied the opportunity to fully answer questions. I have been asked to provide details of my personal life, my family, and other matters unrelated to the contract,” Stensby asked.

In turn, he ruled out that he was willing to reveal his salary number and the identity of the people who make up the LUMA board. We will not disclose the names or details of our board members. I will not disclose my salary or similar matters. “

More than 14,000 job applications received

Today, Stensby said the company has received about 13,000 job applications from people not currently working on PREPA. While he indicated that 1,300 other requests came from PREPA employees who requested to continue their work within the framework of the private company.

Faced with claims by legislators that the agreement violates Law 120 regarding benefits that PREPA employees should receive in the event of relocation, Stensby insisted that the company complied with the said legislation and that PREPA employees would be paid the same or better pay.

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