Dana Paula sees her beauty overshadowed by sharing the photo with her lovely mother

Dana Paula sees her beauty overshadowed by sharing the photo with her lovely mother

It is no secret to anyone that the young driver, Dana Paula It has established itself as one of the most famous artists. Not only in Mexico, if not all over the world because all of his songs are a huge hit on various digital platforms.

The year 2021 started with the right foot of the 25-year-old singer since the release of her new album “KO” which was well received by her followers and proved by thousands of copies in music apps.

As if that weren’t enough, a few weeks ago, Dana Paula Shine in an amazing ceremony goes flow Where he promoted his new songs and new songs such as “Ui Pablo”, “Sodio” and “Mala Fama”.

A picture with his mother

since yesterday , Dana Paula She remains so close to her 29 million+ followers on Instagram that she has managed to create a dynamic to live with and have a good time.

It turns out that the heroine of “Light” told her fans that they would have the opportunity to ask her for a picture of what they wanted; Someone asked him for a picture with his mother, who surprised him with her strange beauty.

The young singer did not miss the opportunity to show her love for her mother, and this was proven by the image that she is hugging and kissing. This isn’t the first time Dana Paula has been standing with her mom who has been identified as Patricia Mongoa.

Previously, the artist shared photos with her mother and immediately received comments about the great similarity between them, as they are like two drops of water.

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