Hoy host receives ‘Goodbye’ from Televisa

Hoy host receives ‘Goodbye’ from Televisa

did you cheat Televisa With Azteca TV? , they confirmed that the driver Today’s program He’s been taken off TV and that would have a lot to do with his behavior Paul Stanley? Raoul Arizah?

The truth is that the one involved is controversial Legacy de la Torre, which was taken from the air but not from Today’s program, but with the full program of Dr. Candido Perez, which had nothing to do with Azteca TV.

According to Angélica Palacios on her YouTube show, De La Torre will be taken out at the last minute with everything and the popular series aired on Sunday, in order to cause a “disinterest” in the audience, the low audience.

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Arath de la Torre was in the eye of the hurricane after he starred in a commercial in which he claimed Los Voladores de Papantla did not generate any interest, Mexicans were outraged by his comment and the actor defended himself saying he didn’t write what he had to say.

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After the scandal, the actor rested for a week on The Hoy Show, in the morning he was a part and took a while to be a part of the hit series remake project Dr. Cándido Perez.

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Arath was chosen to play the irreverent Doctor, originally played by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, who was now in production; However, in the midst of the advertising scandal came the premiere of the series.

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Followers of Cándido Pérez assert that the character was too big for the TV host and the low audience seemed to agree with him, and for this, according to the journalist, he was suspended from the air.

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