Danilo Medina: “In PLD the time for being in the most privileged position and laziness is over”

Danilo Medina: “In PLD the time for being in the most privileged position and laziness is over”

Former President Danilo Medina today criticized the situation in the country, saying that the progress and social development for which he was directed during their governments is underway.

He said that within a few months of the current administration, residents are facing great difficulties that make them look to manage PLD, because as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you have until you lose it.”

In this sense, Medina said that this organization is directing all efforts to renew itself in order to return to power by 2024.

With this aim, he said, the Ninth Ordinary Congress was held by José Joaquín Bedo Medina, through which he confirmed that they would make a quantum leap, in terms of renewal, “to continue leading the country on the path of progress and stalled social development. At these moments.”

“In the PLD, times of being in privileged positions have ended without paying for corresponding political work. And homelessness has ended,” predicting the end of the “inorganic” leader.

It was announced that on June 1, the transformation of the PLD organic structure will begin, after verification of the core and intermediate committees; After that, political leaders are chosen in all the demarcation of state and provincial borders abroad. “To have a renewable structure with the ability and the call to action,” Medina said.

The former president spoke at the swearing-in ceremony of the National Provincial and Provincial Administration Committees of Santo Domingo, chaired by members of the Political Committee Francisco Javier Garcia and Cristina Lizzardo respectively.

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At the end of his speech, ex-President Danilo Medina invited the leaders present to visit neighbors, close associates and friends to remind him of the PLD government’s work in which poverty levels among the population had been surpassed, which was manifested in the rising population. The total output is internal.

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