Reeves brings his NBA DNA to the basketball team

Reeves brings his NBA DNA to the basketball team

Juan C Toro / La Paz

Joshua Reeves is in Bolivia. The former NBA player Dallas Mavericks will be available today for the national team as they prepare to play two qualifying matches with Ecuador in the lead up to the World Cup qualifying round. The Bolivian American is only thinking of contributing and helping the country win both matches.

All that I have learned in North American basketball is in the service of the national team, which on June 12th will receive the Ecuadorian Pentagram in Tarija and on June 16th, will return courtesy in Guayaquil.

Playing in the NBA was an amazing dream, and a very important one. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from these people, such as the mindset to improve the technical aspects. The goalkeeper said during a press conference in La Paz that playing in college and making it to the NBA is a different matter.

Express your gratitude and enthusiasm for defending the country’s colors, especially helping to achieve goals in matches.

Reeves stands in his The Strongest jacket.
Photo: Hector Montes

I focus on the matches and I want to help them win. He said it’s the game I’ve always played, it’s just basketball and I’m interested in wearing the national team jersey.

He stressed that since he remembers, he is aware of the national culture, since his grandmother and mother Bolivian told him what the country is, so it is a great honor to be here, proud to represent Bolivia in. Basketball.

On this day he will have his first contact with his team-mates and coach Giovanni Vargas does not know anything. He pointed out that coach Igor Ramirez showed him a picture of those in the national team, and they are already concentrated in the capital of Chapaca.

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He knows there is a basketball league in the country. This growth is very important for young people.

Joshua Reeves, 23, says he feels very compatible with the colors of Bolivia. His mother, Lisette Bravo, said that he and his brother support the national soccer team when he goes to the United States.

The 23-year-old athlete had the opportunity to visit the country when he was six years old. Back then he was able to taste some of the typical dishes that his grandmother cooks today, who is a fan of salchipapa and silpancho.

Joshua Reeves was in La Paz yesterday and today he is going on a date.
Photo: Freddy Paragen / Seventh Page

On that occasion, we were in El Prado and bought salchipapa, and since then my mom has been cooking whatever national food she wants.

At the moment he does not have a team in the NBA, his agent is in charge of the negotiations and he is sure that he will reach an agreement with a team after the pandemic that has stopped everything.

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