Dayanara Torres begins a new stage in Miami

Dayanara Torres begins a new stage in Miami

After years of living in the California capital, Diana Torres He jumps to the eastern United States to start a new stage, in a new home, as shared on the Instagram network.

The “Look Who’s Dancing” contest judge, from the Univision network, recently tested the so-called “empty nest” because her two children Christian and Ryan separated for study reasons, which is why she was left alone.

Her sister and other family, as well as her work commitments are based in Miami, Florida, so it’s a well-thought-out move for her.

“Hello Florida. New year, new place… It’s a new day! Decorating my new home,” she shared this morning with a video showing herself pulling decorating details from her collection of items.

“I’m left alone and when they say this process is strong, I lived it, because I’ve always been a mother. So, all of a sudden it’s over and what do I do, but I have to let them go, grow, fly, that’s all about growing up and raising it well and making the right decisions, but yeah, They are gone,” the former Miss Universo shared in November of last year, precisely when he presented the Dayanara Collection on Isla, available at Me Salvé.

Love has also been haunting her ever since, and although she’s been very secretive about her new relationship, that’s probably all the more reason to move on. He only revealed to this newspaper that his new love is Latino, not Puerto Rican, and not part of the art world either.

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