The peso fell to its worst level against the dollar since December – El Financiero

The peso fell to its worst level against the dollar since December – El Financiero

the weight It closed slightly lower in the value of the dollar after the decision of the United States and the United Kingdom to ban energy imports from Russia, which may maintain the upward trend in raw materials prices.

According to data from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico)the value of the Mexican currency fell 0.07 percent, as the exchange rate was trading at 21.33 units per dollar, its worst level against the US currency since then On December 3, 2021.

The peso touched a minimum of 21.20 pesos and 21.46 pesos to the dollar during the day.

in the bank windowThe dollar is sold at 21.84 units, according to Citibanamex data.

Bloomberg Dollar Indexwhich measures the strength of the US currency against a basket of 10 currencies, grew slightly 0.07 percent to 1205.17 points.

Both emerging currencies and the world’s major currencies have taken losses against the dollar, as investors continue to move Journey to quality In the face of the uncertainty surrounding the geopolitical conflict and the reactions of various governments. “The embargo on Russian oil imports in the US and UK has caused high volatility in the currency and commodity markets,” said Diego Laviada, junior analyst at Massari.

As for the Dollar Index (DXY), there is a 0.20 percent decrease to settle at 99.04 points.

The main currencies that lose against the dollar are:

  • Korean won (0.87%).
  • Turkish lira (0.83 percent).
  • Thai baht (0.64%).
  • Australian dollar (0.52 percent).
  • The Canadian dollar increased by 0.46 percent.
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