‘Dear Puerto Rico’: Tony Costa traveled to Adamari Lopez’s home country for this reason

‘Dear Puerto Rico’: Tony Costa traveled to Adamari Lopez’s home country for this reason

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Tony Costa It was Visit in Puerto RicoThe The home of his ex-partner, Adamari LopezAnd the And although his trip had nothing to do with it, the dancer took the opportunity to meet his fans, as well as to relax for a few days.

The Spaniard remained in San Juan hotelRegarding his little vacations, he posted a video in which he showed off his muscles and raised the temperature on his Instagram account.

In the relevant publication, Tony Costa appeared leaving the pool From the said hotel, while looking straight into the camera and flexing his muscles.

Tony Costa sends a private message to Puerto Rico

He also thanked the Spanish dancer in the description for his stay and He referred to his country of origin as Adamari Lopez how: “Dear Puerto Rico”. Wrote:

Enjoy again In dear Puerto Rico At the elsanjuanhotel, where I relaxed and enjoyed its facilities and ate delicious food without a doubt I’m already looking forward to going backThanks for the concern family, See you soon, dear PurikoThanks for the love yesterday and always, I carry it in my heart.”

Just two weeks ago Adamari Lopez has returned to her native Puerto Rico To record some broadcasts of his “Today” program from there. It is a fact that this trip Tony Costa had nothing To do with the one his ex made a few days ago.

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