Dr. Polo will arrive with her new program

Dr. Polo will arrive with her new program

Famous lawyer and TV host, Anna Maria PoloHe was on the show and became very popular thanks to his show.case closed ‘, which messed with over 20 seasons on TV TelemundoIt is also being reproduced by other channels for a growing audience.

However, everything must come to an end, finale episode From the program it was recorded in December 2019 and until now it has not been resumed, all because of the global situation that caused everything to stop.

After these two years of waiting, the program does not seem to have a file official return, they were asking in social networks that Recordings celebrity show.

According to the information circulating on this topic, it seems that the program will not return and that this recording of 2019 was the last that will be seen in this regard.

Despite the fact that Dr. Polo said see you soon, plans have changed and it looks like we are about to see a very big change that could be positive or negative depending on how her followers approach it.

and that is Anna Maria Polo He decided to express that he would arrive with a new program called Dra. Polo Investiga, who is already on the air and plans to share a behind-the-scenes video of this new production so we can see it.

So far, it is not known exactly what the details of this new program will be, however, if it is known that there will be interviews with various specialists and personalities in the field of family justice, again, a topic that interests viewers very much and that it is positioned as one of the most important representatives of the above mentioned.

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Looks like you’ll once again appreciate the rights of the Latino community all over the world and we’ll have to wait and see how they become a sure hit again.

However, there are already netizens who do not enjoy this news, many have said that the famous closed case should come back and continue to demand the resumption of this project, however, sometimes, these programs must evolve and give unexpected great results with new releases .

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