Deck tested negative on its sixth test and is nearing its debut

Deck tested negative on its sixth test and is nearing its debut

The debut of Gabrielle Dick On the NBA Approaching. Within a week of your arrival in the United States, The Argentine striker has already complied with all the stringent health protocols required by the world’s highest basketball category, andOn Wednesday himself he will officially join a training Oklahoma City Thunder With the rest of his companions.

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Besides not being able to move with the rest of the group, during all these lonely days, Torto wasted no time and He trained off the road in an alternate high court and also performed duties in the gym. And also, and most importantly, since Gabe arrived Six swabs were taken to rule out coronavirus (one per day) and all were negative.

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Thus, once the required term is completed by the NBA and the corresponding tests, Nothing prevents the Argentine from working alongside his teammates and even, if necessary, from making his MLS debut.

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When will your debut be?

Once integrated into the team, coach Mark Denneault He will assess his physical condition and adapt to the team before sending him to the field. The physical side will not be an obstacle for Tortuga, who used to play regularly for Real Madrid. If the instructor deems it necessary, He could actually add his first minutes on Thursday, 22:00, corresponding New Orleans Pelicans.

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However, given the amount of work that you will spend with your teammates, the first minutes are likely to be on the court. Be against Indiana, next Saturday, at 21. If not, then the next games from Oklahoma Sunday will be against the Phoenix Suns and Tuesday against the Sacramento Kings.

What are the matches left by thunder for the regular season?

29/4 vs. New Orleans Pelicans (22.00)

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1/5 versus. Indiana Pacers (21.00)

2/5 versus. Phoenix Suns (21.00)

4/5 versus. Sacramento Kings (21.00)

6/5 versus. Golden State Warriors (23.00)

8/5 versus. Golden State Warriors (23.00)

9/5 vs. Sacramento Kings (23.00)

11/5 versus. Sacramento Kings (23.00)

14/5 vs. Utah Jazz (21.00)

16/5 vs. Los Angeles Clippers

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