Delta variant: Restrictions at airports around the world if you intend to travel – more regions – international

Delta variant: Restrictions at airports around the world if you intend to travel – more regions – international

If you want to travel, you should take that into consideration restrictions Health services due to the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly changing between countries. That is why we tell you what are the current procedures at the main airports of tourist destinations in the world.

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United State

The United States has been one of the most open to the outside world during the pandemic. Entry to this area is conditional only on the origin of the high-risk areas in terms of COVID-19.

A recent negative covid-19 test must be submitted to enter, CDC recommends entry Quarantine To prevent the spread of the virus if its presence is unknown. In addition, a declaration form, certificate and corresponding visa from each issuing country must be submitted.


International travel to Italy is only permitted for force majeure or urgent reasons for people coming from countries outside the European Union and the Schengen area. Tourism is currently excluded from exceptions to entry restrictions; However, business or study trips that cannot be taken remotely are included in the permits.

Those who have visited Brazil, India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka in the last 14 days prior to travel will be refused entry to the country. For residents of the European Union, it is necessary to submit a file covid certificate Digital or paper, other travelers must get a negative covid-19 test or be vaccinated

In Italy, the additional covid card measure will come into effect on August 6, which will allow those who have been vaccinated in the country to access recreational services. The move prompted Italians to protest what they considered unfair and restrictive.

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The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a Temporary shutdown The entry of travelers for the purpose of tourism and study to that country since July 27, a measure in addition to the 10-day quarantine that was previously imposed.

In other words, only people who have an emergency cause and cannot postpone their trip, such as essential workers, are allowed in. In addition, a certificate of vaccination, together with a vaccine approved by the European Union health authorities, must be presented when entering the country.

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The government of Japan also keeps its borders closed for tourist trips or non-essential visits. The applicable exceptions include, among other things, flights for medical or humanitarian reasons.

Those entering the country must remain in mandatory quarantine for 14 days, although relocation to a special place can be allowed on the third day if the person has a negative result in covid-19 test.

Japan’s local media also reported that at the end of this month, Covid passports will begin to be distributed to vaccinated people in the territory.


The French government has also restricted entry to its country only for essential travelers who cannot defer their entry. Those who present an International Certificate of Vaccination are exempt from quarantine procedures and Covid tests.

Travelers within the European Union who wish to enter France They must also hold their covid certificate, digitally or physically. Who should submit? Quarantine They should do so in a designated facility supervised by the security forces.

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In France, it is also necessary to carry the green corridor that allows vaccinated people to access services such as bars or cinemas, a measure that has sparked protests across the country.

This controversial measure is applied all over the world, with good and bad reactions to its restrictions on freedom of movement. Other countries that have entered passport or covid passport are IsraelAustria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands and South Korea.

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