Demonstration in Caimanera: Cuban regime threatens to apply ‘its justice’

Demonstration in Caimanera: Cuban regime threatens to apply ‘its justice’

The Cuban regime has threatened to apply the full weight of its laws to those involved in this weekend’s protest in Caimanera. By proclamation, the municipal assembly justified the popular power the actions of oppressive powers.

According to the text published by the portal cubeThis Saturday, May 6, Several drunk people in Caimanera City, Guantanamo, tried to disturb the general calm.And, at the invitation of the population, the district authorities went to the place with the aim of remedying the situation.

The aforementioned persons avoided civilized dialogue to expose their claims and acted with clear intent to disturb public order, which requires corresponding police action.The statement, signed by the head of the local people’s authority, Simara Lamari Galano, noted

Such actions that threaten social peace will not go unpunished and the perpetrators will be brought before the courts. With all constitutional guarantees and respect for their rights.

Although he acknowledged that the authorities, as public servants, “have a responsibility to maintain a constant dialogue with the population, to take an interest in, respond to and resolve situations to the greatest extent possible”, He blamed the ban for “an increase in problems affecting the quality of life of the population”.

He accused the “usual haters” of “organizing A Campaign from abroad via social networksand “invoking acts of vandalism and calls for assaulting the lives of citizens and even military intervention.”

According to the statement,The people of Caimanera took to the streets on 5 May to show their support for the revolutionWith the commitment that only in the unity of revolutionaries and creative work will difficult conditions affecting well-being be overcome. On that day, the system called the late events Labor Day.

Article from cube He attributed what happened in Caimanera to “certain incidents encouraged by the counter-revolution”.

And the official portal admitted that “under a decidedly difficult economic scenario and in light of the latent power outages, incidents such as Saturday’s protest may occur.” But he downplayed what happened and delegitimized Cubans who exercised their right to demonstrate.

Any misunderstanding or dissatisfied claim can generate a truth, which the enemies of the revolution will try to exploit“, He said cube.

scores of Cubans took to the streets Saturday night in Caimanera, Guantanamo, to protest the precarious situation they are experiencing. and heThey came to gather in front of the headquarters of the municipal government and the Communist Party.

The published videos showed a Extremely violent action by the military against the people stationed, including women. Chants such as “Long live Cuba Libre!” and “Patria y Vida” and “Long Live Human Rights!” at the demonstration.

As a result of the suppression of the demonstration, at least five Cubans were arrested. Kobalex for Media and Legal Consultation described the situation as an “enforced disappearance”.

The names of those arrested are Yandres Bilir Matos, the brothers Felipe Correa Martinez and Luis Miguel Alarcón Martinez, and the brothers Rudy and Daniel Alvarez Gonzalez, according to information published by the activist Yusmani Maita Labrada.

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