Denise Welch burdens Pierce Morgan’s row and threatens to expose “bogus” GMB employees

Denise Welch burdens Pierce Morgan’s row and threatens to expose “bogus” GMB employees

Dennis Welch fought in the Pierce Morgan drama after making the shocking decision to leave Good Morning Britain.

The Loose Women star, 62, threatened to expose the “fake” ITV employees who worked closely with Piers on the show, for publicly defending the presenter.

Earlier this week, the 55-year-old Pearce announced that he was leaving the show after being criticized for his comments about Meghan Markle’s mental health.

Through her social media, Denise suggested that she has evidence that some of the people advocating for Pierce are not real.

In today’s now-deleted tweet, Denise wrote: “To those close colleagues who defend Pierce and say what a great man he just remembers … I have receipts !!”

Denise Welsh said to her

However, the Hollyoaks star removed her tweet two minutes later, saying to The Daily Star She was in a rage at the time.

“I tweeted angry, then I thought better. No more comment,” she told the newspaper.

Only 25 people have seen him in total with 20 likes and five retweets.

Pierce Morgan and Susanna Reed
Pierce Morgan and Susanna Reed

It comes after Pierce told fans he was leaving the daytime show on Tuesday after he received 41,000 complaints about his comments on Meghan.

He also got into a quarrel with Alex Beresford on air after telling Pierce his comment was wrong.

Sidewalks walked in front of the television in front of the nation after a dispute between them.

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Denise deleted her angry tweet
Denise deleted her angry tweet

Later that day, he shared a photo of the clock Twitter Right before ITV revealed that he had stopped the show.

Reports indicate that he asked his superiors to apologize for his comment on the Wednesday show, but was said to have refused.

Megan also allegedly contacted ITV to complain about Pierce’s anger.

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