Deputy Prime Minister Ines Maria Chapman calls in Holguín to use science and innovation – Juventud Rebelde

Deputy Prime Minister Ines Maria Chapman calls in Holguín to use science and innovation – Juventud Rebelde

Holgon. Not content with announcing or identifying problems, but to respond to them through science, innovation and the use of technology, through comprehensive and cross-cutting strategies, urged Ines Maria Chapman Wu, the country’s deputy prime minister.

During a meeting with the directors of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH), CITMA (Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment) and physical planning, Chapman Wu called for linking actions such as the National Hydraulic Program, Mission Life (State Plan for Climate Change) and regional and urban planning, with scientific approaches.

He insisted that order and discipline prevail and that the constructive violations that “accumulate damage to the environment and collective cleanliness, and consequently to human health, will end.”

Accompanying Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Rodriguez Rodriguez, head of the National Institute of Statistics, he drew attention to how urban and regional irregularities affect the increase in the costs of any hydraulic improvement, whose infrastructure has been damaged, and the main damage to the quality of life of the settlers.

In the presence of the highest authorities of the party and government in the province, Chapman Wu stressed how important it is for the solution initiatives to come from the local level and include standards of a social nature. He insisted on the computerization of processes and procedures in organizations such as housing, and on the need to expand channels of communication with people.

After carrying out the regional analysis of the hydraulic development program, the head of the National Institute of Statistics confirmed that the work carried out in the construction of the Levisa Dam, in the municipality of Mayari, must be carried out in 2021 according to the plan, as this is closely related work.

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He also spoke about the importance of efficient use of water, and urged that proper repair and maintenance work be carried out in this area.

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