“Desimer won’t do anything.”

“Desimer won’t do anything.”

Cuban musician Candido Fabri showed a video this Tuesday In response to a song Home and lifeIt was played by the artists Yotuel Romero, Ghente De Zona, Desimir Bueno, Michael Osorbu, and Foumki, which has sparked several reactions from the government since her departure.

The new song was uploaded by the official YouTube channel “Cuba Miami” and has the title I am from home or death. The letter contains passages praising the late dictator Fidel Castro, affirming that whoever considers himself a Marty must be loyal.

“I am from home or death. I am from a warrior, stop here. Put coconut in it, put your mind in it. This war is useless, neither here nor there,” she says. Likewise, the clip features photos of the artists participating in “Patria y Vida,” as well as Miami-based actor and comedian Alexis Valdes and opposition activist Rosa Maria Baia.

“I’ve never left my country, I’ve never stopped being Cuban,” Fabry says in the song. “Desimer can come here, but he will not do anything, and will do nothing,” he later sings in reference. By the singer-songwriter Desimer Bueno and his statements about confronting the Cuban government, The main promoter of “initiatives” similar to those of Fabre.

Since it appeared on YouTube, Where It collects over 4 million views, Subject Home and lifeHis words demand that the phrase be replaced by Fidel Castro’s old slogan “Fatherland or Death,” has produced no fewer than four videos of the ruling party’s response.

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And the last of them, to make matters worse, was responsible For the Ministry of Interior officers group, But perhaps most famous for its catastrophic failure was the performance of singer-songwriter Raul Torres, a well-known advocate of government, who had a record number of hate or “No Me Gusta” on the aforementioned platform.

Conversely Home and life It is still gaining popularity among Cubans both on and off the island, who fit the phrase to expand it in various ways and make it a common claim to those who demand a change of totalitarian regime in the country.

And recently, a group of Cubans sang the folk song In a street in the San Isidro neighborhood As a support gesture For more than 50 activists on hunger strike Protest against the blockade and suppression of state security against the headquarters of the Cuban National Union (UNPACU).

Cuban Tic Tucker was also known to create a tri-color cocktail in the colors of the Cuban flag (white, blue and red), Which he baptized in the name of “the homeland and life.”.

At the beginning of March, Candido Fabri criticized the song, Ensure that the revolution is not blamed for Cuba’s current problems And saying it to a singer Home and life And that the place they had to fight was on the island, describing them as “opportunists”. As an answer, Comedian Alexis Valdes reminded him of Santiago’s musician Two of the artists participating in the clip – Mikel Osorbo and El Finki – did so from Cuba. Valdes stressed: “Those who cannot sacrifice themselves, and who at least are modest should not judge those who sacrifice.”

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