One of Biden’s dogs bites a man again at the White House

One of Biden’s dogs bites a man again at the White House

It was about one of the president’s German shepherds biting an American National Park Service employee in the presidential palace garden.

The Television Network reported Tuesday that Joe Biden, one of the two dogs of the U.S. president, and his wife, Jill Biden, returned to bite someone at the White House earlier this month after a similar incident. CNN

The report, citing two people familiar with the matter, said the Major, one of two German shepherds in the Biden family, had bitten an American National Park Service employee in the garden on Monday afternoon. Presidential House. The victim, who was working at the time, had to suspend work to seek treatment in the White House medical unit.

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Michael Larosa, spokeswoman for the First Lady of the United States, told CNN that Major “is still adjusting to his new environment”: “He was bitten during a walk by a private WHMU as a precaution. White House Medical Unit) later without injuries. Went to work, ”he said.

Earlier this month, Fiden’s two dogs were moved from the Presidential Palace to Wilmington in Delaware, where the couple’s private residence is, after Major Pitt was a member of the President’s care.

Major, 3, is the youngest of two German shepherds, while Sam is 13 years old. After the 2008 presidential election, he became the Vice President of the administration of former Delaware Senator Barack Obama (2009-2017) and was accepted by the Major in 2018. On Jan. 20, just before Pitton took office as president, the couple announced they would be heading to the White House with their dogs and cat.

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The Major, the first dog to leave a kennel inhabiting the White House, and Biden, who bought it from a White House breeder, can be seen playing frequently on the mansion in recent years. Weeks. They have also appeared in the Oval Office with their owner.

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