Despairta Francisco’s unexpected announcement took everyone in the United States by surprise

Despairta Francisco’s unexpected announcement took everyone in the United States by surprise

Since she became a mother nearly half a year ago, Francisco’s daily life revolves around her son Genaro, who recently lived for the first time at the Desperate America studio. The arrival of the baby not only changed her habit completely, but also changed the way she views the world and her priorities in life.

According to an article published by People in Spain, this Tuesday, the glamorous Dominican host was speaking during a live broadcast of Desperate America (Univision) shortly before the business break, and for a few seconds the hearts of many viewers were beating faster than usual. , Communicating with the “most important thing” that saved so much time to share.

“Hey, before we go into the break, I want to tell you something very important that I have to tell you,” declared the winner of Nestra Belize Latina 2015, much to the surprise of everyone, including her colleagues. It did not take long for her to react spontaneously to her words during that time.

“You’re pregnant again!” Alan Thatcher quickly commented.

Although she has expressed more than once that she wants to be a mother again in the future, Francisco’s announcement on this occasion did not go in that direction.

After expecting to be able to create both sets and homes for the thousands of viewers who were on Univision at the time, the presenter finally revealed the saved message, and he could not wait. To share it.

“My son is 5 months old!” She announced with great enthusiasm.

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“Genaro, I already have a little brother,” Allen said after the driver’s words.

At this point, the little brother had to wait.

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