Despite the ban, the FP party announces a large rally in the Plaza de la Bandera |

Despite the ban, the FP party announces a large rally in the Plaza de la Bandera |

Lionel Fernandez during the FP meeting held in Santo Domingo on August 19, 2023

SANTO DOMINGO – The presidential candidate of the Fuerza del Pueblo party, Leonel Fernandez, announced that this entity will organize a large demonstration of the militants and their followers on September 23 in La Bandera Square, in front of the central party headquarters. Electoral Council

Its main goal is to “express the joy of achieving the goal of two million members of Fuerza del Pueblo, which as of today, Saturday, August 19, has exceeded one million nine hundred thousand registrants,” he said.

Fernandez added that this record will be formally deposited on September 25 at the JCE by a high-level committee of FP.

The jurisprudence of trust will be respected

Fernandez said that despite the fact that the JEC issued a statement limiting political activities, he was confident that the jurisprudence of the higher courts would be respected.

He said, “Because it is not the reason for us, because the decisions of the Constitutional Court are binding on all state agencies and authorities, as is the case with the Central Electoral Council.”

He declared that the quality of the members of the Central Electoral Commission guarantees adherence to and respect for constitutional powers, “Therefore, we will hold our big demonstration on September 23, without changing any of the decisions of the Central Electoral Council.”

Preparing for the government program

Fernandez said that the Freedom Party is preparing the government program that it will present to the voters next year 2024, which will be one of the most recent programs.

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Regarding the recorded record, he said that it would be auditable and would not be polluted by militants from other political parties.

During the FP meeting on August 19, several resolutions were approved.

The President of Fuerza del Pueblo spoke at a meeting of the Central Directorate of this party that took place this Saturday in the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame, in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center. During the same period, an assessment of the work of political affiliations was passed, and several decisions were approved.

The association was supervised by JCE officials José García Rojas, Robinson Lebrón, Nydia Fabian and Candy Piero, and certified by Notary Sergio Naut, representing the College of Notaries,

A minute of silence

During the meeting, the audience observed a minute’s silence for the victims of San Cristobal.

At the end of the week, the Popular Force suspended all its public activities in solidarity with those killed in the explosion that occurred in the southern city.

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JCE prohibits assemblies, rallies and advertising during the pre-campaign period

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