Stan Van Gundy doesn’t bite his tongue with Anthony Davis

Stan Van Gundy doesn’t bite his tongue with Anthony Davis

Stan Van Gundy didn’t end well with Dwight Howard in Orlando, but he doesn’t intend to detract from his career for the sake of it. The veteran coach came to chat with former NBA players Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles on his podcast joint heads And he has no qualms when he points out that Anthony Davis is not as good as he wants to be; So much so that he believes that compared to Superman he clearly loses.

“For me, the only guys you could talk about as being in the same league as Howard (in his prime) were LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. I think Anthony Davis is great, but at the time they picked the NBA 75th Anniversary Team, he wasn’t in Anywhere near that combination. You can’t argue Anthony Davis had a better career than Dwight Howard, that’s just ridiculous.”

The fact is that trainer It blends two different but related themes. On the one hand, we have those who have been named the 75 greatest players in NBA history and on the other hand, they have the best career. Regarding this list, it is true that at the time of its publication there was controversy with some of the names (it could not be otherwise). In terms of comparing the two, it’s clear that the impact Dwight Howard has had on a media and brand level hasn’t been experienced with La Ceja, but of course, the latter’s basketball has been in the league’s elite for over a decade. Finally, in terms of playing styles, they don’t have much to do. It’s hard to compare. a matter of taste

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