Diana Jenkins Net Worth: Check out her Luxury Lifestyle

Diana Jenkins Net Worth: Check out her Luxury Lifestyle

Sanela Diana Jenkins, a Bosnian entrepreneur and philanthropist, has nearly $1 billion net worth as of now. She is also a well-known actor in reality TV. With Sanela’s experience with drink marketing and her dedication to human rights advocacy, she has managed to develop her own thriving beverage company while also leveraging her experience with reality TV and endorsement deals.

Diana Jenkins became a member of the Beverly Hills Housewives in the 12th season, on the show which aired May 11, 2022.

Sanela Dijana was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina but grew up as the oldest of two children in communist Yugoslavia. They lived in a small concrete apartment building, which was common during that time period.

Diana’s brother, Irnio, was killed by Serbian soldiers when he was 21 years old. During the Siege of Sarajevo in April 1992, she fled to Bosnia. The war started after Yugoslavia broke apart and became a violent bloodbath. It went on until December 1995.

Diana was granted permanent citizenship as her excellent academic record and good work ethic made her worthy of such an honor. She has never received government assistance, unlike many of her fellow Yugoslavian immigrants.


Starting in London, Diana saved her hard earned money and opened her own jewelry store.

Diana moved to Malibu and later continued her charitable work and for her own business. She purchased a homesite on top of the cliff, 3 acres in all.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a serial entrepreneur who founded Neuro Drinks, a healthy drink company and Melissa Odabash swimwear. Sanela also serves as the company’s Chairman and CEO.

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Sanela co-founded “Not on Our Watch,” a nonprofit that raises awareness of human rights violations in Darfur and engages with celebrities to raise funds.

Jenkins listed her Malibu property in June 2020, for $125 million. In the early 2000s, Sanela paid $21 million for the house. Sanela was meant to be on a home tour with her friend, singer Kid Rock, but found the property instead.

She sold her property to her next-door neighbor for $87 million in February 2021. The time was purchased for $100 million in 2019.


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