Travis Barker Net Worth: Drummer Make Big Money than we expect

Travis Barker Net Worth: Drummer Make Big Money than we expect

Travis Barker has amassed an impressive career, making him one of the most notable rock drummers in history. With a fair income and an opulent lifestyle, his list of accomplishments is almost as broad as his tattooed body. Best known for playing for Blink-182, he has worked with other artists in multiple genres and helped popularize drumming in the process.

The reason Barker is worth more than $50 million is because of his known salary, real estate holdings and royalties. To further explore, follow along as we explore his known salaries, real estate holdings and royalties that contribute to this millionaire’s net worth.

Life as Drummer

Beginning in the late 1970s, Travis Barker’s parents had a fairly blue-collar profession: his father worked as a mechanic and his mother was a babysitter. Barker also has two sisters, so the family’s finances were tight throughout the years without major influxes of money from outside sources. After their mother tragically died when Barker was only 13, debts mounted to the point where the family struggled financially.

Barker’s parents prioritized the way that he expressed himself. They bought him his first drum kit when he was 4, paid for professional drum lessons throughout his childhood, and told him to keep playing the drums before she died.

Despite his long relationship with Blink-182, Travis Barker wasn’t one of the founding band members. However, when he joined the label — after he had been with Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge alone — it put Blink-182 on the map. In 1999, five years after they formed, they released their first album entitled “Enema of the State,” which was considered a large part in their success as a band. Record number five has shown that Travis Barker is at the forefront of defining collaboration and sheer creativity in pop culture.

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Travis Barker is an all-around drummer, who has been a member of Transplants, Goldfinger, and FEVER 333. His solo album Give the Drummer Some came out in 2011, featuring Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi, and Steve Aoki.

Barker has had his influence in the music industry for decades. He’s worked with artists from a diverse range of genres such as +44, Steve Aoki, Willow Smith, Yungblud, Halsey, Mod Sun and Kanye West.

Clothing Brand

Travis Barker, lead of blink-182 and co-founder of Famous Stars and Straps, started the fashion line when he began to have money to spend. The edgy brand was heavily influenced by punk and hip-hop culture, fusing fashion necessities with large logos. The brand became popular with those involved in skate culture during the 2000s. “Some of it is definitely more for skaters,” Travis explained to Apparel News in 2006 on the line’s potential market. “Some is more for hoodlums.”

What began as a clothing brand that catered to skaters in a mall-based era has since evolved into something that appears to operate with drops of clothing. Famous Stars and Straps currently advertises an upcoming 2022 drop on the site, and inventory is mostly available through the dedicated Amazon storefront. The brand has been sustaining Barker for a long time, especially considering the brand was just starting out when Barker started making music.

Barker, who’s married and has two children, listed that his own net worth is around 40 million dollars. Recent documents show an income drop to around $600,000/yr as well as a request for child support paiont down to $2,900/month.

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Since then, Barker has been doing a lot more in music, including collaborations with chart-topping artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, Yungblud, and Willow Smith. Despite the success of his business ventures he is estimated to be worth $40 million in 2016 and $50 million as of this writing.

Food Chain

Under a previous dietary choice, Barker was reportedly vegetarian. With his own semi-successful restaurants, he has made an estimated profit of some amount. Both Wahoo’s and Crossroads are popular venues with different crowds, yet are both often visited by Barker.

Travis Barker launched his first wellness brand in February 2021 called Barker Wellness Co. The brand offers THC-free, vegan broad-spectrum CBD products through a dedicated online retail storefront across the country and globally

Travis Barker Property

Celebrities often make the majority of their wealth from real estate. Travis Barker is no exception to this, with a property portfolio which included a four-bedroom home in Los Angeles and a $2.8 million mansion in Calabasas, California, which he then put on the rental market in 2019. Barker reportedly asked for $27,500 per month for renting his house.

Barker reportedly bought a $12 million Palm Springs mansion with family in late 2021, among other properties. He also owns three houses for a total of over $30 million in Southern California, including a $9.5 million home in Calabasas and a $1.5 million Bel Air home that he bought in 2010.

Travis Barker Real Net Worth

Though Travis Barker has legally claimed $40 as his real net worth but we doubt that his net worth might be more than $100 million after assessing his assets and popular brands.

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