Díaz-Canel on the eve of the end of the year in Cuba: “We have a complex shortage situation”

Díaz-Canel on the eve of the end of the year in Cuba: “We have a complex shortage situation”

Miguel Diaz-Canel admitted that the country is going through a period of timecomplex situation loss During a meeting with the highest authorities of the Cuban Communist Party and the government on the occasion of the celebrations organized for the end of the year, State newspaper reported Granma.

however, conservative He said: “We will open 2022 with hope; we will open 2022 with joy, because We can recover, based on everything we have achieved and everything we have planned.”.

Diaz-Canel confirmed, despite the severity Economic crisis And the health care that Cuba has experienced since 2020, that “there are enough political motives, enough experiences for a difficult year, allowing Celebrate a new anniversary of the revolution’s victory with the concept of victory..

It is true that we have a complex deficiency situationBut imagine how we would be if we had not successfully confronted the enemy’s plans. Today they are the upset, the frustrated, and the hopeless.”

Although he did not announce the specific activities that will be implemented by the end of the year, the president insisted on reforms in the slums, where 11J protestsAnd Beside Increase supplies and lower pricesAnd Launched after the screening task.

Added Diaz-Canel, who said: Focus the celebration on remembrance Policy.

At the meeting, where they also spoke Health status De la Isla, Diaz-Canel praised the control of the epidemic in Mayapeque, while showing concern Panorama on the island of youth, where cases have been reported every day for the past week.

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But, more than Covid-19 itself, Cubans are concerned about the state of food and medicine, which was suffering from shortages in the country throughout 2021, while Their prices have risen dramatically.

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